Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pit Bull Lady Designs

Quarter Horse Sculpture for Pin or Magnet Broach, REALISTIC Bay Horse Portrait
"Useful Art is my wish to create.
With years of 4-H crafting and sewing in my background, I had the desire and knowledge to create but wasn’t able to find a medium that carried the animal images from my brain into my art until I tried Needle Felting with my 4-H club. Finally, with needle felting the pictures in my mind can have solid form and not just live in the land of imagination anymore.
Learn the rules and then bend them, is my view of crafting. I’ve never met a pattern or design that I didn’t want to tweak, a painting to restoke or book that didn’t get a hundred different endings in my off-beat mind before the final page. Scraps and other oddments that could/should actually get thrown away or to my children’s embarrassment, left in the trash on the side of the road and not in my van, can find a new life in the most unusual ways when I just need a supply that I don’t have or can’t afford.
It does seem most of my felting sculptures and recycle designs are late evening inspiration, because my days are taken up by caring for two children with advanced degrees in whining and mind boggling questions, daughter’s wedding, two demanding guinea pigs, pit bull therapy dog, ornery Chihuahua, easy going Arabian, a growing 4-H club and part-time job as a librarian, insights available in my blog"
bio written by Barbara Wright via the etsy profile

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