Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Virginia Kraljevic

Running Tree 8x10 Fine Art Archival Print of Original Pen and Ink Drawing
"Thank you for stepping into my obscure world of fine line abstractions, French pigeons, trees, tiny houses, coffee pots, cowboy boots, and hot air balloons. Imagining and creating are guilty pleasures for me and for my heart. Yes, that’s right, my figurative heart. Even when it wasn’t easy or was ill-advised, my heart and I have gone places. We’ve ventured through three universities in both Paris and New York, braved three unpaid photography, magazine, and visual display internships, digested numerous work opportunities in the fields of fashion, retailing, media production, five-star hospitality, and management. My art and handicrafts reflect all that I have embraced on my adventures as Virginia, clutching my two passports (American and Croatian), the handlebars of my green bicycle, or the key to my hybrid vehicle.
At age six, my heart told me I wanted to be an artist and, over the years, an actress, writer, photo journalist, window dresser, Audrey Hepburn, interior decorator, entrepreneur, baker, librarian, crafter, stylist, and even Jessica Fletcher (as played by the lovely Angela Lansbury). Because of my heart, I am happy to report that by the age of 26, I had already partaken of each aforementioned profession in one way or another (except librarian, but running your own business leads to lots of filing, reading, and telling your pets “shh”). Okay, okay, enough about my heart (but I love you, heart. I heart heart forever). Essentially, I grew up in a New York suburb of Westchester County, sampled 47.3 million learning experiences along the way, had a few key epiphanies, and now find myself appreciating beauty, nature, love, and art more than ever (as they all go hand-in-hand, n'est ce-pas?).
Aside from adoring the early morn when I wake up and drink deliciously fresh coffee, I love to travel (have been to Europe 27 times and counting!), observe, and take part in wackiness and funniness, doodle all over the place, hang out in my makeshift atelier, collect curiosities, dress colorfully, watch "Murder, She Wrote" re-runs (dork alert!), speak in funny accents, discover new and old musical gems, snuggle with Buggles (my notorious cat), explore with Watson (my wonderful adopted pup), and just live in the moment, full embrace. There’s so much beauty, cuteness, and niceness in the world, I’m pleased as punch to be involved -- a big thank you to anyone who has inspired or encouraged me and a bigger THANK YOU to those who continue to do so. You know who you are."
bio written by Virginia via her etsy profile.

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