Monday, January 23, 2012

Little Bean Prints

Two Trees and a Heart Art
"Welcome to Little Bean Prints, the digital home for the analog creations made by me, Marie Antonelli. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit! Overhead your will find the imaginary banner that reads: "Est. 2009. Named in honor of Eve Agnes, my original little bean". To the right you will find a sampling of what is available in my shop (click "see more" to enter). Below you will find all kinds of assorted information about me,and my work. Enjoy, and never hesitate to contact me with a question or comment of any kind!
My paintings were published in a wonderful book: Check it out!
About Me
Hi! I am Marie Antonelli and I live in the lovely Northeast with my family. The grown ups, Ron and I, like to think that we are in charge, but really the kiddos, Eve and Owen, pretty much call the shots. My background is in painting and printmaking, drawing and illustration, and art education to boot.
About My Products and Work
I believe that it is so important to have art.... everywhere! I want my daughter to live in a world where the things she looked at, wares, and plays with are engaging and inspiring. I paint with her in mind, both making pieces for her, and making pieces for adults that reflect the world I want her to live in. I strive to create artwork to will make us smile. Some pieces are child-like, some are sophisticated. All attempt to show a reverence for nature, and a loving and lighthearted view. I am inspired by so many things: the birds and the trees, insects with their lacy wings, the way the moon moves, the way leaves curl, the things my daughter says, and memories."
bio written by Marie via her etsy profile.

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