Monday, January 3, 2011


"♥ My real name is Schin Loong but I have also been painting under the artist name Luciole Loong from 1998 to 2007. Therefore some of my art bear the signature Luc or Luciole. Some may recognize my art from, the art portfolio site where I first developed my work.
♥ I have three black moor goldfishes named Moon, Star and Scrimshaw. They're making a plan to escape, I know it.
♥ I also have a grey kitty named Rice Purridge, and SHE'S making an even more elaborate plan to get at the goldfishes. I know this too.
♥ One of my favorite things are lava lamps. Actually, most of my creative powers come from the magical lava lamp blobs. Shh.. don't tell anyone.
BIO: My name is Schin Loong and I have been painting professionally since I was 17. My fantasy artwork has been featured on the front cover of The Peppertree Magazine and ImagineFX: Fantasy & Sci-Fi Art as well as the Society of Illustrators and Exotique 5 & 6: The World's Most Beautiful CG Characters, Popcorn: One The Cutting Edge of Comics Art, Darkstalkers Artbook, Digital Arts and Digital Artists Magazine.
I started painting my Barbie dolls as a young child. I thought it was pretty neat and decided that's what I want to do forever, and I never looked back. I use a combination of watercolors, pastels and digital media to create my artwork. Each painting takes me anywhere from one day ('The Red Geisha') to two weeks ('The Ascension') to complete.
The objective of my painting is so I could offer something beautiful to the world. I wanted to paint the most inspiring, gentle, lovely scenes for people to ponder at and hopefully make their day a little more beautiful. I have a wide variety of subjects in my work because as I grow up, my aesthetic for beauty has changed. In this shop, you can see both my new and old art styles and see how I have evolved as an artist.
Inspiration is everywhere, it’s just a matter of recognizing it. Music, colors, texture, facial expressions; all kinds of beautiful things are inspirational. However, I think I have grown to love feminine aesthetics most of all. Anything that is soft, gentle and curvy is really stimulating for me and I love to paint the beauty that is woman."
bio written by schin via her etsy profile

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