Thursday, January 13, 2011

Capita lCity Art

Frozen in Time
"Steve Price is a gifted engineer, mechanic, and carpenter. Steve is also very creative. Steve loves learning. He is the kind of guy who can pick up a book and teach himself how to do just about anything that he puts his mind to. And that is precisely what he has done with Capital City Art.
I am an aspiring artist. I have always enjoyed other people's art, but now I am giving it a try for myself...(though I have been an enthusiastic photographer for quite a few years now.) But I am gaining new skills every day from drawing to sewing to pouring ceramic molds...and soon we hope to add woodworking and soap making to our list.
Steve and I have a wide range of interests which we hope to reflect in our art. Steve is a guy with innovation and creativity. And with Capital City Art our goal is to bring you a whole new dynamic assortment of art.
By Naomi"
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