Sunday, January 30, 2011

Doloris Petunia

Custom Bridesmaids Cuffs
"In less then a years time Doloris Petunia has gone from selling handmade pieces on the streets of NYC to being featured in all of the top fashion magazines, worn on the red carpet of the Emmy's and sold in retail stores on every continent (excluding Antarctica).
Thank you so much for your hearts and support and always remember to wear with love!
I am a 30-year-old girl who recently moved from the city that I loved (New York City) to Santa Monica for true love and marriage and as a result had to come up with a new "job" rather quickly.
Combining my greatest talents- trend analysis and general craftiness- in the Spring of 2009, I started making what I could not find in the stores (or afford when I could) and posting it on Etsy as a grand experiment.
In a few months full of much luck and determination, Doloris Petunia turned from a foggy dream into a full time job, LLC and what I do with 89% of my time ( I am always looking for interns in the Santa Monica area btw).
I am not actually named Doloris Petunia- but I do appreciate the 10 people a day who call me that and scratch their heads at what my parents were thinking when they named me : )
My name is actually Courtney Prince. Doloris Petunia is the name I have always said I would call my dog- Lolita - when she was a little old lady. She is now 9 years old and she is still every bit a sassy little "Lolita" .
My designs on the other hand are meant to be a blend of all that is lovely, old school and whimsical and to me that sounds like Doloris Petunia.
My designs are all one of a kind- 1000% made by me in not so sunny Santa Monica, California. I love creating beautiful treasures for my clients- and take my job more seriously then my dog (who is just in it for the belly rubs) would like.... Lolita (the dog and real Doloris Petunia)'s official job duties seem to be along the lines of napping on my feet while I work.

Sure... for the most part I can change any of the designs that I have listed in anyway that tickles your fancy... just ask. For the most part the majority of my work is custom- so your the boss as far as that goes.
Most of the postings I have up now are custom orders (Due to just getting married I have not had time to create many pieces just for my shop). Please note that if I piece is reserved that image its self is not for sale at this time- but that I am happy to make a custom piece for you that you will love as much as the image in the photo.
Please also note that all of my pieces are handmade and one of a kind and take time to create. It is never to early to reserve a spot in my custom queue for a future event such as your wedding. Due to high order volume the custom queue is about a month out at this time. I always tend to try to squeeze people in- but due to the high volume of orders I am becoming more and more strict about lead times."
bio written by DolorisPetunia via her etsy profile

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