Friday, January 14, 2011

heidi burton

The Sea Maiden
"I'm Heidi, a British-Finnish illustrator born three weeks before the 1980s and residing in London since 2010. I graduated with a BA (Hons) degree in Illustration in 2007.
Found items, old Penguin book covers, journals, forensics, tumbledown houses, chai tea, Haruki Murakami, documentary, maps, fossils, lederhosen chic, David Attenborough, train journeys, Volcano Choir, folklore.
Evil cats, mint chocolate, burglars, creatures squatting in the attic, things that reduce in size while increasing in price, heights, Comic Sans, pigeons, not having access to tea.
I love altering journals! One of my personal journals was exhibited by Moleskine in London & Tokyo, & my series of Brother's Grimm inspired journals were exhibited at the Colouring Outside The Lines exhibition in Bradford.
I am pleased to divulge that one of my illustrations recently won an award at the fantastic WCA (Working Class Awards)!"
bio written by heidi via her etsy profile

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