Sunday, November 28, 2010


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written by the photographer about this photo, in french:
"Aujourd'hui, je fais une entorse à une de mes règles, oui parce que d'habitude je ne poste jamais plusieurs photos d'une même personne, par peur de lasser les personnes regardant mes photos mais là c'est différent, parce que j'en ai réellement envie.
Nous avons fait durant ces 2 jours, assez peu de photos, je ne dois pas avoir au total plus de 70 photos, mais nombreuses sont celles qui me plaisent réellement... une question de chance.
Comme nous étions tous les deux trop fatigués pour faire des photos en intérieur le premier jour, nous les avons fait au matin du deuxième jour, et par chance (je vous le dis, il en faut toujours ^^) la lumière était belle, et Audrey toujours aussi radieuse, sublime (il ne faut pas avoir peur des mots).
Je ne sais pas laquelle des deux versions je préfère, elles me plaisent toutes les deux. La première étant le scan fidèle de néga et la deuxième un poil modifiée..."

translated via yahoo babel fish:
"Aujourd' today, I make a distorsion with one of my rules, yes because d' practice I never post several photographs d' the same person, by fear of wearying the people looking at my photographs but there c' is different, because j' in want really. We made during these 2 days, relatively little photographs, I should not have on the whole more than 70 photographs, but many are those which I really like… a question of chance. As we were both too tired to make photographs in interior the first day, we did them in the morning of the second day, and by chance (I say it to you, one always needs ^^ of it) the light was beautiful, and Audrey always so radiant, sublimates (one should not be afraid of the words). I do not know which of the two versions I, I prefer like them both. The first being the faithful scan of néga and the modified second a hair… "

Golden carpet of leaves

Golden carpet of leaves
Originally uploaded by Habub3
Walk on the autumn Neckar Island in Tübingen / Germany

Saturday, November 27, 2010

autumn art

Winter White and Ivory Fiber Chains and Felt Blooms Fabric Statement Necklace
"I like creating art, and I like coffee. I especially like creating art while drinking coffee. I like new takes on old ideas. And wise women. Owls are nice, too. And slip-on moccasins. And herb gardens. And vintage aprons. And baby gibberish."
bio written by Autumn Art via her etsy profile

Thursday, November 25, 2010

wendy jung ceramics

Medium Porcelain Nightlight
"I have always been into making things. Not just in ceramics, but anything; wood, paper, metal, card, beads, fabric...... I'm happiest pottering at home or in the garden. I hate waste and love salvaging and collecting beautiful old things, too many things apparently. 
For ten years I have been working with clay creating handmade functional objects. I also sell some of the curiosities I collect.
Almost all of my work is made using a technique called slip casting. I have an idea and then make the necessary plaster models and moulds. I love working in white porcelain and have perfected the technique of piercing to produce unusual pierced light forms and tea light holders. I also make vases, hanging ornaments / decorations, things for my house, whatever else I feel like doing. 
Everything is made at my studio in the beautiful Sussex countryside in Battle, just outside Hastings."
bio written by wendy via her etsy profile

valerie galloway

Polka Dot Parisienne
"A little about me:I'm a photographer and painter living in Tucson, Arizona with my partner and son.We lived in NYC for eleven years which was absolutely fabulous, but Tucson has it's charms as well. One of the great things about living here is the wonderful community of artists and the plethora of swimming pools! Don't love the 110 heat in the summer, though, I really prefer cloudy, windy days. I was born in France and have lived in many places including Hawaii, Maryland, Phoenix, Germany, California, New York and now back to Tucson. I travel to Paris whenever possible and hope to one day spend my summers there.
A little about my work: I am a passionate artist,very much influenced by cinema and old family photos. I love to take a memory or impression and reshape it into a lovely vision. I love going to wonderful museums and interesting gallery exhibtions."
bio written by Valerie via her etsy profile

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

lilliput loft

enchanted tree - porchlight pixies
"Here you will discover items that are totally unnecessary but absolutely essential. Every piece carefully created with much love and whimsy, to make your everyday enchanted. Everything you see is very well handmade in a smoke free home, and originates from a desire to enhance childhood memories, whether they are nostalgic or currently being lived. A moment lasts all of a second but the memory lives on forever.
Please drop by and say hello. We have an obsession with detail, and a lot of our customers have said that when their item arrived it was better than they even imagined it would, we have uploaded a lot of extra photos of our unique pieces for you to get a better idea of the quality of our work."
bio written by lilliputloft via their etsy shop announcement

Monday, November 22, 2010


"Hello, my name is Brooke Hagel. I am an artist and designer living in Manhattan. I am a graduate of New York's Fashion Institute of Technology, where I majored in Fashion Design and took advantage of everything the campus of NYC had to offer; I've dabbled in the fashion industry, wardrobe for television and theater, photo styling, and product design and development.
I'm starting this Etsy shop because fashion and drawing are my passions and I haven't been doing it enough in recent years. I love to sit down and create and hope you'll like my creations!"
bio written by Brooke via her etsy profile

Sunday, November 21, 2010

tuckoo and moocow

hand painted necklace, original watercolor pendant, Chickadee
"My name is Sarah-Lambert Cook and I like tiny stuff. This is ironic since I am surrounded by a lot of not-so-tiny things: oldest of 6 children, am married to a man who is related to all of western Kansas, enjoy enormous novels, and have a very long first name.
To remedy this, I married a man who is the smallest (at 5‘11“) in his hardy German family, own a Cairn terrier, watch short films, journal in little notebooks and paint tiny things. After creating these little pictures, I began to wonder, “Hmm, what should I do with all of this?” The answer was obvious: stuff them into pendants and sell them to you, the whimsy loving public.
Since I love to laugh, adventure, sit in treehouses, liberate garden gnomes, read, and watch movies so much these themes run rampant through my quirky pieces."
bio written by Sarah via her etsy profile

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Judith Beads

Lampwork Glass Floral Focal Bead
"I live in Hove on the south coast of England and make lampwork glass beads and jewelery in my garden studio.
I have been working with beads for some years but started making lampwork glass beads in February 2002. I was immediately enchanted by this mesmerising process and have not looked back.....most days I can be found in my studio melting glass with silver and cubic ziconia and whispering 'oooh shiney'"
bio written by Judith via her etsy profile

Friday, November 19, 2010

Only Pretty Things

Feather Study - Original Watercolor Painting

woolly fabulous

Felt and zipper Blue jay brooch
"My name is Odile Gova (Desgroseilliers).
I am mostly self taught, although I have made attempts at Art college and various workshops over the past 25 years. I am deeply passionate and committed to my art forms. I'm a stay at home mother, how lucky am I ??!! . My felt is made from reclaimed wool sweaters that I find at thrift stores and the like."
bio written by Odile via her etsy profile

Nueva Espana

Scarlet - Deep Red Vintage Style Special Occasion Necklace
"I’m an avid reader, lover of music and obsessed with the cinema. My first love is watercolor and sewing, and my fascination for everything that shimmers and sparkles, rhinestones and beautiful fabric has brought me to creating jewelry. I studied clothing design in my native state of Sonora, Mexico and I've been an Arizona transplant for almost two decades. I love mixing different mediums, new items and vintage pieces, you know the saying…Something old, something new…And definitively fashionable and beautiful."
bio written by Lyda via her etsy profile

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Wheel Thrown, Hand Carved Candle Holder, Vinca
"My name is Sumiko Braithwaite. I have had a love affair with all art forms since I was a teenager. I was born in Kumamoto, Japan, amd began studying fine arts while still in High School.
I traveled to Italy in 1958 and studied under local artists there. I was married while in Naples and put my artistic endeavors on hold while I raised my family.
Besides my four years in Italy, I lived in Washington, D.C., Honolulu, HI and finally settled in San Diego, CA.
I became serious with art as a student at Miramar College where I received an AA degree in Fine Art. I attended a class in clay at Mesa College and found my calling. At Mesa I studied ceramics, sculpting and glaze technology under Dr. John Conrad. Dr. Conrad is a world famous author and a Master Potter.
I create unique "Double Wall" pottery in a style that is definitely all my own. You can see examples at and
Examples of my work can be found in many private collections worldwide."
bio written by Sumiko via the etsy profile

cool ranch studio

affection no.9/ original painting on canvas
"i am a painter and stay-at-home mommy who lives in the boston area and sometimes in vermont, with my husband, little boy, and a big black cat. i feel lucky to finally be at a place in my life where i can truly say i love my work. there are so many talented & lovely artists/craftspeople on etsy and every day i am inspired in some way by someone. if only there were more time in the day!
a little way-background: i can't remember a time when i didn't think of myself as an artist (i have very clear memories of secretly making little books under my desk in elementary school). as an adult, i went to school for graphic arts, philosophy, and photography. i really enjoy the messiness of painting, and love to mix and play with color."
bio written by coolranchstudio via her etsy profile

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


alice doll and wonder extras

Lisa Falzon

The Wrecker - mermaid and harp
"I am 27 years old. 'Meluseena' has been my online alias ever since I've been online (1998!). It's a corruption of the name 'Melusine', who happens to be the heroine in a French fairytale I love.
I live in rural Ireland at the moment, but I lived in France for a while and before that, Malta. I think of myself as a citizen of the world.
I'm a writer and illustrator, working primarily in the digital medium. I've done children's book illustrations, book covers, CD covers, banners for buses, billboards.
I published my first book November 08, called 'Xi Mkien Iehor', it's a children's book in my native language, Maltese. It was published by Merlin, book publishers in Malta.
I used to take part in solo and group exhibitions, but I've discovered that selling art directly to buyers all over the world is much more satisfactory"
bio written by Lisa via her etsy profile

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Brooch Boutique

large magenta satin silk corsage
"...The Brooch Boutique... specializes in unique handcrafted pins, especially satin silk and organza corsages as well as chic beaded crochet flowers. I find brooches small pieces of art that embellish clothing, purses, pillows - and you name it - and add a touch of elegance, beauty and fun to every woman’s wardrobe. This is why I’m so in love with them!
About me:
I’m 32 years old living in Denmark, northern Europe, with my husband and my beautiful little son. When I'm not creating I'm an accountant and furthermore I have graduated in Italian language/literature and ancient Greece studies from the university of my home town. My interest in culture, history and people fuels my passion of travelling and my husbond, son and I go as often as possible. I really want to see the whole world and it feels so good to know that my creations travel the world too"
bio written by TheBroochBoutique via etsy profile

Sunday, November 14, 2010

second look jewelry

Butter Cream Hand Sculpted Resin Flower Statement Necklace
"Second Look Jewelry combines vintage costume jewelry with new materials to update, recycle and create a second look; a new statement piece.
Each piece is carefully put together and One of a Kind. A signature of mine are the hand sculpted, hand painted resin flowers tucked into many of the designs."
bio written by SecondLookJewelry via etsy

call me mimi

Hand Crocheted Orange Collar Necklace
"My name is Lucia, I am a wife, a mother, and I love to knit, to crochet, and to create lovely things with my hands.
I learned how to handle yarns when I was five years old, and since then, I made tons of handmade presents for my friends and relatives."
bio written by Lucia via her etsy profile

Friday, November 12, 2010


Copacabana Sterling Silver Chain Necklace With Sky Blue Porcelain Beads
"I have started my artistic journey in Zakopane called “”magical place” which is surrounded by polish Tatra mountains. It could be compare with Paris Montparnass . The cafés and bars of Zakopane were a meeting place where artistic ideas were hatched and mulled over .There I have created my first designs which has been inspired by nature.
From there I have moved to Gdansk where I have gained Master Degree in Fine Arts and ceramics .Living on the coast of Baltic sea completely changed my way of seeing the objects . During this period I have been obsessed with research of structure and tensions in the material.
Later in UK where I am currently living I continued my development and started to work with parian porcelain. I set the studio and started to
design stylish jewellery. My commitment is to create quality piece of art with effortless modernity and lasting value.
Maap Studio is a small workshop specializing in design and production of contemporary jewellery. In all my creations you can see an appreciation of material. What makes it so unique is parian porcelain clay. I am turning that into great quality wearable work of art. Every piece is enriched with a subtle palette of colour , inspired by nature."
bio written by MaaPstudio via the etsy profile


First Frost

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

bark decor

fallen timber wall ornament
"I'm a total nature lover. I've spent countless hours studying and drawing nature. My finest and first animal drawing of a cat, drawn at age 5, is still stuck on the fridge at my parents house. It remains a reminder of the genuine greatness of drawing."
bio written by darkdecor via the etsy profile

obsolete world

If You Listen Very Carefully You Can Hear the Quiet Sound of a Better World
"There is a world tucked away behind this one.
An old world made up of endless fields,
distant hills and timeworn cliffs.
A place where the sun is always setting.
A land in which extinct
slow-moving monsters and
elegant gentle-faced creatures
of all shapes and sizes reside.
Delicately balancing their hope with despair.
Reminiscent of long departed dreams
and uncollected thoughts.
Time stands still here
so as to let the residents gaze
in solitude
upon the vast
richly textured skies.
Forever in search of a place
to better sit and watch
their world pass them by."
bio via the etsy profile

Monday, November 8, 2010


Finch Wire Sculpture Bird
"I'm Ruth Jensen, and my wonderful husband and I live on a Minnesota marsh from which I get way too much inspiration. I've been "making stuff" since I was a little kid. I studied art briefly in college, but took a degree in accounting, so I'm mainly a self-taught artist -- definitely a never-ending education! I quit my day job a few years ago, and now spend most of my time making wire sculpture, with occasional forays into carving, painting, jewelry-making, etc., etc. The name Sparkflight came from the business started by our 24-year-old son shortly before his sudden death in 2002 ... Some things you never get used to. Three more adult sons thrive in their highly individual ways.
About the wire sculpture: I'm enthralled with the transparency of wire. It's perfect for revealing the extraordinary beauty, transience, sometimes humor of what appears to be ordinary. I make each sculpture one twist at a time, without patterns or molds, using bazillions of pieces of straight wire. I "see" the shape I want, and make the wires come together in that shape, like putting a puzzle together. (I love puzzles.)
My pieces are meant to intrigue and delight the viewer, to combat the overabundance of dull ugliness in the world."
bio written by Ruth via etsy profile

Saturday, November 6, 2010


sunbeam sach clutch
"As a child I used to spend my days making paper purses and paper accessories..... not much has changed..... just the materials.... "
bio via the etsy profile


cold afternoon print
"My name is Agnieszka, I'm living in Poland - beautiful European country. I am woman, daughter, sister, girlfriend, photographer, handemade artist, student, art therapist... I could mention many others, but this it's enough for now :)
So... Catching short moments of life is my greatest passion. Inspiration comes from dreams, imagination, near and far travels, people, five senses… I love everything related to the creating process."
bio written by Agnieszka via her etsy profile

phenomenal couture

melon dress
"Phenomenal Couture, founded in 2010, is a label created by desginer and dressmaker Lily Kate. Lily Kate is deeply inspired by her mother with her hand sewing skills during her younger years. She then continue pursuing her dream as a dressmaker in London."
bio via etsy profile

Thursday, November 4, 2010


madonna shrine, hand embroidered wall art
"I've been a student of needlework for longer than I can remember. My mother still has the 4"x12" sampler she helped me to make when I was six or so. She got a scrap of carpet canvas and some of that thick acrylic yarn girls used to tie their pigtails with, and I went to town. I've been working with a needle ever since.
In my early twenties, I took a job as a studio assistant to a fiber artist. My boss, a nationally known rug maker, opened a world of color and texture to me that I had no idea had been hiding just behind the Precious Moments samplers I had made as a kid.
My work for her, along with nearly ten years of writing about the art and business of fine craft, did wonders for my aesthetic and fed my interest in the value of the handmade.
The story of my own work is the typical beginning to a story of "women's work." I started making embroidered jewelry shortly after I left the rug studio to move to the Midwest and marry a (no joke) rocket scientist. Suddenly confronted with an extremely domestic life, missing the studio and most of my writing gigs, I needed a form of creative expression. I did what women have done for centuries before me—I picked up a needle.
In my work I marry traditional processes with a modern sensibility. Just between you and me, I think most of my designs are about how the sacred intersects with the mundane--but I don't mind if you don't see anything more than something to make your world a little prettier. It can be a cruel world out here, and a little beauty goes a long way to make it better.
One of the most common questions people ask about my work is, "How long did it take you to make this?" In our overly scheduled lives, time is a premium commodity. I think of my pins as little totems of time: a reminder that slowing down to create beauty has always fed our souls."
bio written by crewelwhorled via the etsy profile