Monday, November 8, 2010


Finch Wire Sculpture Bird
"I'm Ruth Jensen, and my wonderful husband and I live on a Minnesota marsh from which I get way too much inspiration. I've been "making stuff" since I was a little kid. I studied art briefly in college, but took a degree in accounting, so I'm mainly a self-taught artist -- definitely a never-ending education! I quit my day job a few years ago, and now spend most of my time making wire sculpture, with occasional forays into carving, painting, jewelry-making, etc., etc. The name Sparkflight came from the business started by our 24-year-old son shortly before his sudden death in 2002 ... Some things you never get used to. Three more adult sons thrive in their highly individual ways.
About the wire sculpture: I'm enthralled with the transparency of wire. It's perfect for revealing the extraordinary beauty, transience, sometimes humor of what appears to be ordinary. I make each sculpture one twist at a time, without patterns or molds, using bazillions of pieces of straight wire. I "see" the shape I want, and make the wires come together in that shape, like putting a puzzle together. (I love puzzles.)
My pieces are meant to intrigue and delight the viewer, to combat the overabundance of dull ugliness in the world."
bio written by Ruth via etsy profile

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Sparkflight said...

What a great surprise to find myself on your blog - thanks a ton!