Monday, July 5, 2010

sarah john afana

"there she goes" original acrylic painting
"I am a working artist living just outside Paso Robles, California. I have spent my life studying and pursuing many ways of creating. I have found that creating is something that I am JUST drawn to do. I work in many forms of media from painting and photography to knitting. I may work in a series or just feel the need to explore a subject for curiosity.
My images are expressive and colorful. I use top quality artists materials in all my creations. Acid-free papers or fine stretched canvases are always used as platforms for my paintings and drawings. is my other shop found on Etsy; it is where you can find my hand knits and other seasonal fine crafts. If you are in the area, much of my work can be seen at The Art Works in Paso Robles. In addition a selection of my original paintings and prints are available at ALTAMIRA Gallery, New York."
bio written by Sarah via her etsy profile

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Sarah John Afana said...

Thank you so much Jenny for the feature. My stylish girls are a little flirty but sort of shy when it comes to extra attention. :)