Saturday, July 10, 2010


Wooden Tasting Spoon, Cherry, Hand Carved
"Every time I (Rich) made something for a birthday, wedding, holiday or anniversary gift, I was asked why don’t you do this as a business. After searching different venues, I ran across I liked that this website was catered to all handmade items. So, this is where I decided to start.
I (Rich) have been woodworking as a hobby for around 15 years now. I am married, have 4 daughters and 1 grand-daughter. The other half is a good friend of mine (Kenny) and now apprentice, his girlfriend and her 4 daughters. This is how we came up with our name (Out Numbered Novelties).
At present we do not have a workshop to work in (someday hope to remedy that), so all of our tools have to be taken outside and when finished brought back in.
You will see both works from Kenny and myself, as well as pieces that we have worked on together."
Bio written by Rich via his etsy profile

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Rich said...

Thank you for posting our Wooden Tasting Spoon to your blog. We are very honored.