Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Selvaged Life

So Many Greens
"I admit - I'm a "dabbler" - I try my hand at anything! My problem though, is that I can't just get "a little bit in to" something - I must let each new craft adventure or hobby consume me and, ultimately, (as my husband will attest) I spend WAY WAY WAY too much money on supplies! So here I am, sitting on a small fortune in semiprecious beads, sterling silver findings, paper scrapbooking paraphenalia, digital design elements, fabric, felt, flower petals, embroidery floss, paints, chalks, stamps, acorn caps....... you get the picture. While I have in the past actually sold several pieces of jewelry in 3 different boutiques, most of my various creations end up as gifts to my friends and family, whom consistently ask me, "Why don't you sell this stuff??" Well, here I am. And what a great place to be, because with Etsy, I can display all of my creations; borne from my past, present and future creative obsessions!
So, please feel free to peruse and if you contemplate making a purchase, please remember that you will be helping me significantly to convince my husband that all the money I've spent may not have all been in vain!!"
bio written by MySelvagedLife via her etsy profile


Emme Toaye said...

Good luck with your selling and I am sure each and every item is in itself a work of pure love. Your creativity is limitless and when your hands have become knotted with age you will have all those memories of your love and fun of crafting to keep yourself entertained and those memories will make you smile.

Anonymous said...

This shop is beautiful but the name drives me crazy because I think she meant to call it My Salvaged Life.