Friday, July 23, 2010

marigold jen

Swimming Hole--hand dyed worsted weight yarn
"Sewing is my true passion, but after learning how to dye a couple of
years ago, I've been hooked on the endless variations of color that
swirl about in my dyepot. By day, I assist in a Montessori toddler
classroom, but at night, I craft (or cuddle with my three cats and a
good book). My other hobby, gardening, helps me to imagine soft
nature-inspired colorways, and of course the children that I work with
lend inspiration as well!
My favorite fiber to dye is merino because it's a versatile
extra-snuggly fiber. Non-superwash merino felts beautifully, and
superwash merino is perfect for knitting projects which will be washed
frequently (it's especially nice for babies)."
bio written by Jenny via her etsy profile

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