Tuesday, July 6, 2010


"White Gourd Bowls, set of 3"
"Every piece in my collection is handmade with care, starting with the mixing of the porcelain slip. The porcelain is my own formula which I have tinkered with over the years. It is a high fire slip, which means that the pieces are extremely durable while remaining thin and light.
Because I finish each edge by hand, every piece develops a unique personality as it moves through the firings. Bowls that come out of the same mold will shift slightly in the high fire to create unique, one of a kind shapes. They stack inside one another, but not perfectly.
I also mix my own glazes, each is non-toxic and food safe. I reclaim all my materials, to avoid clay particles contaminating our drinking water.
My pieces are dishwasher safe, but the ones with images should not go into the microwave. The image is applied after the glaze firing, and the piece is fired one more time. The image melts into the glaze, creating a food-safe surface.
Please visit gleena.com for my complete line of tableware."
bio written by gleena via the etsy profile

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