Sunday, July 11, 2010

ceder pocket

A Sunny Yellow Soap Dish with a Squirrel and an Acorn
"Years ago my husband and I were on our way to Park City, Utah to do an art show. After many hours of driving through the hot desert we made our way through a beautiful rock canyon that opened onto a small valley. There was a lazy river flowing down the middle of a lush meadow edged by grove of willows. Referring to my map, I found the valley was called Cedar Pocket.
That oasis has become a metaphor for the happy and peaceful state of mind I have when I work with my hands creating objects that, hopefully, invoke a wave of happiness in you too.
I was given a set of oil paints when I was five. My favorite thing in the world was a new box of crayons - it still ranks right up there. Over the years I have tried many mediums. I am a stock, portrait, and fine art photographer, I have been a working artist creating a line of character gourds for almost twenty years, I enjoy plein air oil painting, and now for the past few years I am a clay fanatic. I can't stay away. I love it.
All the pieces in my shop here are made entirely by me. I find inspiration everywhere I look but typically I am inspired by the natural world around me. I am an avid organic gardener, growing most of our fruit and vegetables. I feed the birds and have kept a "life list" of birds I've identified for about 25 years. Attracting birds to the garden has multiple beneficial effects. They're wonderful and relaxing to watch and as they take up residency they help control the insect population and eliminate the need for pesticides."
bio written by Melissa Brown via her etsy profile

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melissa brown said...

wow. So I spent today throwing clay. Right now I'm covered from my knees down (where my apron doesn't cover) with drying drippy clay from my wheel. I evaluated the amount of clay I thought would dry and flake off in my house before I could get back out to the garage and finish up. I just came in to check emails and (Etsy of course)I never expected to find such a wonderful surprise!

Thank you for noticing my work and posting it on your blog. So much of the time we spend as artists is solitary. We hope folks recognize and appreciate that time. Thank you very much for noticing. My clay is beginning to flake off onto the floor under the computer..thank you again! Cheers! Melissa