Wednesday, June 9, 2010

surf and sand jewelry design

"Growing up in Southern California,specifically Newport Beach,I have always had a love of the ocean.Having a bay on one side and the ocean on the other of a small spit of land I grew up on meant being surrounded by water.I moved to Hawaii when I was 18 and spent almost 20 years there. (Once again surrounded by water)I can't imagine not being able to see and smell the ocean every day of my life.My love of family brought me back to Newport Beach where I currently live.
Being a creative person by nature,I began making jewelry while in high school,then became employed as a silversmith.I love making beautiful things.Making jewelry is like meditation for me.I loose all track of time.I don't need food,water or sleep.I just need to create.
Putting my two loves together,ocean inspired colors and materials,and jewelry making,has brought me to create the pieces you see here.They keep me calm,centered and help relieve the stress of a full-time job and life in general.
I hope that when you wear one of my pieces,you feel that same sense of serenity that I feel creating it."
bio written by Julee via her etsy profile


AlliesAdornments said...

Julee does great work & her sense of color never fails to cheer me!
Thanks for featuring her work!

aubepine said...

Great feature! Surfandsand does beautiful work!

whimsicals said...

beautiful feature on surfandsand.
It looks like sunshine on the water.