Sunday, June 27, 2010

Andie's Specialty Sweets

Edible Sugar Fall Leaves 50
"Andie's Specialty Sweets takes the greatest care in producing superb, handmade, sugar decorations, sculpted marzipan, & decorated cookies. All products are made-to-order & shipped directly from our studio in California. Our clients consist of brides, cake decoraters, caterers & home bakers. Look for more choices in the near future. We plan to introduce a new item each season. Please feel free to contact us regarding a custom order! Our made from scratch sugar embellishments can take up to two weeks to dry, and need to be made well in advance of the cake decorating event. We also like to suggest placing your order no later than 3 months before your event so we can give you utmost priority.All of our cake decorations are made to order. We want your special event to be fresh in every way right down to every detail. Our decorations can be temporarily stored in airtight containers, in a cool, dark place before used/consumed. We suggest having them delivered 6 weeks prior to your event to prevent any staleness. They will keep indefinitely (if storing a wedding cake topper) away from heat or moisture, which can soften them. Heat, humidity and refrigeration can all soften sugar decorations, even after they've set. Placing flowers on buttercream frosting, which contains fat, can also soften them.All of our sugar flowers are coated with FDA approved edible paints, and our decorations are "glued" together with safe reconstituted pasturized egg whites and or royal icing. We will always let you know if any part or the whole of any decoration should not be consumed.Also, our other JOY is designing your dream wedding or special event cake. All our cakes are given the same attentiveness as our cake embellishments and we delight in the process. And all of our cakes our made with the utmost superb quality ingredients: fresh creamery butter, pesticide and herbacide free citrus and fruit from local organic farmers, organic and RBST free dairy, and American artisan chocolate."
bio written by andie via the etsy profile **updated March 29,2011

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