Monday, June 14, 2010

heather f williams

"Heather Williams is an emerging painter, photo-based artist and jewelry designer living and working in Ontario Canada. She has received her BFA Honours degree from York University in Toronto Ontario in 2009.
Heather’s most current and ongoing series entitled “The Girls” is a collection of medium sized mixed-media paintings depicting imaginative women characters. Heather has developed a romantic quality to her paintings that capture a dream-like world in which only these characters live. Each painting tells a story and enables the viewer to take part in its narrative. Heather’s other series reflects more abstract qualities. Some of her references are floral patterns and vintage fabrics creating a unique and layered experience that expresses glamour and fashion. These two series are often conjoined in certain pieces.
Heather is greatly influenced by shape, form and colour as well as the experimentation of different materials on canvas. She incorporates paper, gold leaf and crystals in her paintings creating a tactile experience for her viewers. It is easy to see how her creative process as a jewelry designer and interest in fashion translates onto her canvases."
bio written by Heather via her etsy profile


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