Thursday, June 24, 2010

emily balivet

"Mythological Goddess Art of Emily Balivet. Emily Balivet is an entirely self-taught, freelance colorist who has been producing art in the style of figurative realism for 18 years. Her work includes numerous commissions and hangs in private collections and galleries worldwide. Her paintings explore the mystical feminine elements of ancient goddess mythologies from around the world in a style which reflects a particular fascination with the pre Raphaelite and Art Nouveau movements. She also draws inspiration from the natural world, including both her native Vermont and Alaska, where she spent seventeen years. Presently living in the heart of Vermont, Emily's creativity extends beyond the easel and into the creation of women's and children's apparel, furniture, and wooden toys. Her painting continues to probe the metaphysical nature of reality as it expands into new formats, such as her latest large-scale endeavor: the creation of a tarot deck."
bio written by Emily via her etsy profile.


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