Wednesday, June 23, 2010

jewelry deli

"About Me: I am Creative. Its the best way to describe myself. My husband thinks I have OCD – Obsessive Creative Disorder. Everything has to be creative, my food, my house, my books, my music, the packed get the drift. I love creating and have lost track of how many handmade gifts I have made and given through the years.
I am a Master’s in Cell Biology and always dreamt of doing research. I gave it up when I had my first child. In the ensuing years I took to looking at my other passion - creating. For 10 years now I have worked on various mediums including pottery painting, folk art and interiors. I moved to Australia nearly 2 years back and thats when I came across jewelry making. Then I discovered Etsy and I felt like I had come home. To be among people who are so creative is just amazing. My hobby has finally turned out into a full time business.
I am inspired by life. I love books, music, ancient history, anything that tells a story. I am a Cancerian, so like a little crab I hoard all the positive energy I get out of these and then input it into my creations. I want to share them with you, give you the same joy it gives me creating them. Every piece is created with complete commitment and passion. Each piece is passed through my harshest critics, My Family. So I can actually call this a family Business :) . But over and above that I am my harshest critic and my biggest completion. My aim is always to learn from Yesterday, absorb Today and be better Tomorrow.
Here you will find an eclectic mix of fashion, modern and vintage jewelry. Jewelry truly on the go for anywhere and anytime."
bio written by Kavithia via her etsy profile

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Kavitha said...

Jenny, Thank you so much for the feature. Its was a wonderful surprise. Much appreciated! - Kavitha