Thursday, July 2, 2009

I feel grey tonight...

Check out all these grey items on etsy, they have been there for a while...

1. Age Gap. A Photographic Art Pendant by: CameraSHYphotography
2. Grey crochet flower bobby pins by: TheBroochBoutique
3. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head by: LiDDesignsBoutique
4. Toddler Bib - stone cold grey by: sweetgingerdesigns
5. NEW Sleek Grey Soft Wallet by: MissesFahrenheit
6. Penguin (original woodblock print) by: VIZArt
7. Victoria Lilies - Earrings by: smilingsoul2
8. Grey Fedora by: CrochetUnplugged
9. Natural Mineral Eyeshadow Eye Liner, Multi Use Color, Pigment, Angry Sea by: luxeminerals
10. hair today on aa super soft tri-blend heather grey extra large by: coyotealert
11. Hand Spun Natural Colored Grey Shetland Sport Weight Yarn by: Rosegardenfibers
12. Lip Balm Holder w/ Keyring - Shades of Gray and Brown by: lavenderlizard
13. Kiss me / 20 x 30 cm by: kromogen
14. Flower Buds by: DumaineStreet
15. Large grey crochet flower brooch by: TheBroochBoutique
16. Faceted botswana agate earrings by: mamabetsy


Shell said...

Thanks for featuring my skein of yarn. I really enjoy seeing all the items in that color!

lavenderlizard said...

Gorgeous gray items -- really love the botswana agate earrings, so swirly! Thanks for including my lip balm holder!


Hillary said...

Lovely picks! Thanks so much for including my Photo necklace:)
Loving the crisp cool grays...


BakerGirl said...

Thanks so much for featuring my photograph! I love the grey collection you put together!

kromogen said...

Thanks a lot Jenny :-)
Great mix!

mamabetsy said...

Beautiful grouping of grey, thanks for including my earrings. Great blog!