Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday ramblings

One of my biggest pet peeves is feeling like crap on days when it's so sunny and warm out. You just feel so lousy and don't feel like doing anything. Then you feel depressed because you can't go out and enjoy, what feels like, the only day of sunshine. I can't stand that.
So, I've been working on my perzine, and have contacted different photographers to see if I can use their photos, that I've seen on flickr and google searches. They've all said yes & I will try to send them a copy of the zine when it's finished. I think I will go with the title "Creepy Doll" because that's what I'm all about... well, one of my favorite things anyways!

I finished my scrappy quilt top. It is huge! When I laid it out, however, each side is a different measurement... it's not square, or rectangle, at all... We need to make some sort of a frame (with straping and clamps?) so that it can be stretched in the right places and pieces added in the right places. It's such a colorful quilt, full of my fabric scraps!


suziart said...

I hear ya, sister! I always feel guilty too!!! But then, I went to Catholic School and have guilt about everything!

Your quilt is absolutely gorgeous!!!

Denise said...

Guilt, what's it good for - lol! Your quilt is gorgeous, so colorful. You must have loads of patience as I can only imagine how long it took to make it, a labor of love.