Thursday, July 9, 2009


Hello, here is a creepy clown drawing I did for a Carnival themed zine that MC Miller and Jen Hernandez is making. I really like how this one turned out!!
Check out these clowns on etsy:

1. Vintage Porcelain Musical Moving Clown by: straydogvintage
2. SCOOPY THE ICE CREAM CLOWN handmade recycled notebook by: TackledAndShackled
3. Clown Face Sepia by: TheSamParker
4. MY LITTLE CLOWN by: kellyp82


Lee Beth said...

Clowns are scary! Lol . Just blog hopping and came upon yours and I think its really cool. Feel free to check out mine if you'd like.

TackledAndShackled said...

Awesome!!!!! I love this!!!!

kellyskreationz said...

I don't see what is so scary about clowns! I think they're cute! If you really want to be scared of clowns then check out he movie "Killer klowns from Outer Space" (one of my favorite movies!) Thanks for putting my little glass clown bead on here(the last one on the right) He has become my signature bead for my business.

Stray said...

Thank you for featuring Rocky the clown from my etsy shop. I heart your etsy shop, especially the Blythe dresses.

Cynthia said... can see a bit of the menace... goood job! 8)

Cindy said...

this is awesome! clowns scare the living beejezus out of me!