Friday, July 3, 2009

a new mermaid

I have not painted a mermaid in ages. actually, I haven't painted, period, in a ages! This is a custom mermaid for SASessories via a trade on etsy. I am getting a couple pairs of her beautiful earrings in return. SASessories wanted the mermaid to have red hair and to be curvy, that's what she's getting. I was delighted to try some new techiniques that I've picked up on & never had the chance to use. (ex. purple shading, tiny scales, using hues of red and make some of the hair look farther away than others, a new way to do the face, the background, etc). I am so happy with how this piece has turned out. I wonder if prints would sell on etsy...
Check out these amazing mermaid paintings:

1. Come to me by: Elfies
2. Mermaid Isle - Print by: Mizzdraconia
3. Flamenco Mermaid 2 by: britsketch
4. Siren Song Mermaid art print by: redwhisper


Snowbrush said...

And a very frisky mermaid she is too.

Regina said...

Hi Jenny. Its a nice.

Anonymous said...

What lovely mermaids! Aren't they wonderful to paint....? Thank you for featuring my Siren Song on your beautiful blog. x Liza