Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm desperately searching for...

I'm desperately searching for some Testors Dullcoat OR some Mr. Super Clear. Anyone know where to find this stuff & someone who will ship to Canada? Any help would be so appreciated!


Pursuing Art... said...

Hi Jenny...thank you for swinging by and leaving your lovely comment.

Your scrappy quilt and dotee dolls are great. I can't imagine making over 200 dotee''s amazing!

Thank you for your offer on a swap, but I have too many obligations on my plate and other pieces that I really want to create.

Wish I could help you out on the Testors or Mr. Super Clear, but I've never seen either of those brands before. Hope you can find it! ~Lisa

Blythestock said...

hi Jenny
I was able to find MSC on, they ship to Brazil, so I think it's unlikely that you can't have yours shipped to Canada! About the other brand, I've never heard of it, is it for the same purpose? regards, Cleo