Wednesday, July 1, 2009

MJ Overload

Okay, so I get it that Michael Jackson fans are upset over his death, I get that people want to know the reasons why he died. Why are people, all of a sudden, pumping out portraits of him & selling memorabilia; trying to make money off of his death. Even his brothers and sister are wanting to go on tour "in memory" of Michael (selling tickets, i would imagine). Why can't we just leave the Jacksons alone and let them grieve privately? And why are we giving his father so much face time on TV?


Nanda Palinckx said...

I agree with you why give his brothers and sister a great concert in memorial MJ and the money of tickets they can donate it to all the children off the world who needs help. (specially education)Sorry for my poor english

Cynthia said...

I wish the coverage would stop too but that is unlikely. It is giving people something else to concentrate on ( and talk about) instead of the wars, economy, health care...and the media loves a good diversion!