Thursday, July 2, 2009

Surprise Box!!

I was completely surprised and blown away with this huge box of crafty goodness that I received from salfra (Sally) today!! She totally spoiled me and spent alot of money on me. I'd say that she got almost everything that was on my swap-bot wishlist! The package included lots and lots of sew-on snaps, stitch witchery, four spools of pink thread, white & red fimo clay, paintbrushes, two wax tarts, a bottle of cinnamon (I love anything cinnamon & this really put a smile on my face), pretty earrings, lots of American patriotic fabrics in cottons and flannels (will be useful in the American quilt I will soon be making), a whole stack of that stiff felt (impossible to get around here), small patches.... Sally is such a wonderful, thoughtful person! I wish I could give her a BIG hug!

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Tammy said...

Hi Jenny,
I am Blog surfing!!
What a Great Box of Treasures, and what a giving person.
Loving your art..
Hope your Trip with your Dad was all you were hoping for..
I will stop by again!