Friday, April 6, 2012

Splodge podge

Cardinal Painting - Print of watercolor painting
"I have been drawing and painting most of my life and I have been teaching others to paint for the past 14 years.
There is nothing more satisfying to me than creating the illusion of three dimensions on a two dimensional surface. When I look for a subject to paint, the first thing I do is look at the light and how it contrasts against the shadows. It is the light that can make or break a painting.
I enjoy painting all subjects but I adore animals and they feature in many of my paintings.
Acrylic paints have been my preferred medium for many years but I have recently delved into watercolours and I am revelling in the change. I love the translucency, looseness and portability of watercolor. I also love its uncontrollable nature. I never know how a painting will turn out because watercolour has a mind of its own and I have had many happy surprises.
When I'm not teaching school children, you will find me painting in my studio with my beautiful and faithful old companion at my feet- Chelsea, my dalmatian. I love her to bits!"
bio written by Louise via the etsy profile

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