Monday, April 30, 2012

Hey Harriet

Valley Laneway Photograph 4 x 4 Old Buildings Cityscape Brown Blue Lights Bakery Lane Urban Wall Art Print "My name is Tracy and I’m a photographer from sunny Queensland. I reside on one of the small remote islands in Southern Moreton Bay, connected to the mainland by ferry and approximately an hour away from Brisbane. My interest in photography started early when I was given my first camera at around 10 years of age. It was a dinky little plastic Bugs Bunny film camera. Oh how I loved that camera! It went everywhere with me! Fast forward to the responsible grown-up adult phase of my life; I had lost the Bugs Bunny camera by this time but not my enthusiasm for photography. My passion for photography continued to grow, as did my camera collection. I’ve always enjoyed experimenting with alternative photographic processes and use a combination of vintage, traditional and modern techniques. The hands-on process of physically creating a print in the darkroom is a magical experience (apart from the chemical fumes!), although the majority of my work on Etsy is chemical fume-free digital format photography. Striving for technical perfection with my photography has never been as important to me as capturing a sweet and simple little moment in time. I find almost everything to be a source of inspiration and it’s about having a willingness to being open to whatever presents itself, as everything is worthy of contemplation; regardless of how small or commonplace it may be. It’s all about making connections and having the curiosity and playfulness to follow the connections. Apart from photography I like to spend time painting, drawing, drinking copious amounts of good coffee and getting dirty in the garden. I hope to have a great big beautiful productive mess of a self-sufficient garden in years to come. Somewhere along the way I’ve become the type of person who gets way more excited than I should about compost and garden worms…" bio written by Tracy via her etsy profile ETSY * BLOG * FACEBOOK * TWITTER

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Hey Harriet said...

Oh what a lovely surprise to be featured on your wonderful blog! Thanks so much Jenny!