Sunday, April 1, 2012

andie specialty sweets

Peppermint Candy Buttons
"Hello, and welcome to our cheery, creative corner in the land of Etsy!
Our philosophy, here at Andie's is simple... give Treats unto others as we would want them to give Treats unto us.
It's the Golden Rule, Good Quality, and Excellent Service mixed in with a delightful world of unexpected sweets...the things we are dedicated to never going out of style.
At Andie's, we take the greatest care in producing superb, hand crafted, decorative candy and cake embellishments, with individual customer care. Our sweets are different -they're hand designed, hand crafted, small batch, hand poured, and artistically handled. Our goal is not just a pretty edible, not just a palatable one either, but one that elicits a response, and is pleasurable to all the senses. So we like to take the time to achieve this goal. An every-day and ordinary sweet is not our objective.
All products are made-to-order & shipped directly from our studio in California, Los Angeles area. Our clients consist mostly of brides, cake decorators, professional bakers, caterers, home bakers, and sweet tooth's of all types. Look for more choices in the near future - we are brimming with ideas. And please feel free to contact us regarding a custom order - your ideas are usually our favorites!
Our sugar embellishments are gluten free, and are free of gelatin and partially hydrogenated oils. We use organic flavorings, non g.m.o., fair trade sugars and starches, fair trade organic chocolate, and source our ingredients (as much as possible) locally -all of which is important to us. Currently, all of our items are vegan friendly except for our Pacific Thorny Oysters & Starfish, which contain a small amount of dairy. We are also endeavoring, wherever possible to use vegetable and fruit concentrate, and plant extracts like annatto and turmeric for coloring. And we'd be happy to discuss coloring options (based on ingredients) regarding any item in our shop. Please consult us for specifics regarding any treat in our shop.
Our made to order sugar embellishments and decorative candy can take anywhere from one to four weeks to create before ready to ship (depending on the item). Lead times are mostly dependent on current volume. Scheduling is commenced when payment is received. For large, plan-ahead events, we like to suggest placing your order no later than 2 months prior for scheduling purposes. But always ask for availability - we are determined to give it our best try, and are often able to accommodate last minute orders."
bio written by andiespecialtysweets via the etsy profile

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