Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Leili Design

Ceramic Stoneware Dish with Black and White Cosmos Dots
"I'm an artist, writer, filmmaker and educational technologist who is also a citizen of the world. I like color, science, art, math, music, architecture, nature, design, patterns .... They all make frequent appearances in my work. I've studied drawing, painting and ceramics for years, including as an apprentice to Kahlil Gibran (master artisan and cousin of the writer), as an archaelogical artist at a major museum, and with Boston potter, Darrell Finnegan. I love to keep learning, experimenting and reflecting.
I make wheel-thrown/hand-built stoneware pieces in my MIT studio. My work has been exhibited and sold in the US and Israel. I also design and make limited-edition wearable art jewelry using European vintage beads of the 1950s-1970s. Soon, I may offer some of my VERY BRIGHTLY COLORED acrylic paintings and fine art photography"
bio written by LeiliDesign via the etsy profile

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LeiliDesign said...

Hi Jenny! Thanks so much for posting my work - for some reason I only came across your blog just now. Lovely! Thanks again!