Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Taylor Crafts Engraved

Personalized Cutting Board - Custom Engraved Cherry Wood
"Personalized products are our specialty. We own a small engraving shop that is run out of home. Cutting Boards, Humidors, Signs, and Plaques are some of our big sellers, but we can custom engrave almost anything! We want to create something unique and personal for people, and find a lot of satisfaction in knowing that something we engraved is a part of someone's home, whether on display or in use.
All of the items in our store are somewhat custom in that each customer has added their own touch. We have them categorized the best we can, but we want to keep creating items for people, no matter the design or category."
bio written by Belinda & Tony via the etsy profile

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Tony Taylor & Belinda Crafts said...

Thanks for picking us to showcase!