Wednesday, November 30, 2011

silent goddess

Tiny Bouquet necklace
"With an independent streak that seems to extend beyond anyone's sight line, I have always needed to do my own thing. I was lucky to find the love of someone (my husband, Paul) who fully supports my wild, independent streak and actually encourages it. I took a long break from creating jewelry when our son, Cody, was a baby because I wanted to dedicate my time to him. Once he was in school full-time, the pull to return to my jeweler's bench was nearly overwhelming. With the discovery of the wonderful online handmade venues and the near instant first saleÃ, when I listed a pair of my sapling earrings, I was off and running again and Paul and Cody both were my biggest supporters! That was nearly four years ago and I have been going strong ever since. I spend my weekdays working away soldering, stamping, sawing and oxidizing metal in my studio and my evenings and weekends with my family. Having a home studio maintains the freedom to balance my time with my family and be able to be there for anything that life throws at us all the while being able to live my life as an artist. I realize this makes me one of the luckiest people alive!"
bio written by silentgoddess via her artfire profile

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