Sunday, November 13, 2011


Silk Cocoon Pendant 01
"Walter Chen (Taiwan, 1970), jeweler and art designer, has lived and worked in Barcelona since 1997.
After graduating in Industrial Fine Arts at the National Taiwan Academy of Arts , he furthered his study with a graduation in Artistic Jewelery and Chiseling at the Escola Massana (Barcelona). He has since followed this with a graduation in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, and is currently pursuing a Doctorate.
He has authored extensive works, and realized his first individual exhibition in 2002. Since 2000 he has taken part in several collective exhibitions in cities such as Barcelona, Girona, New York, Paris and recently in the International Jewellery and Precious Stone Symposium of Turnov (Czech Republic).
He has four Enjoia't Awards by FAD (Barcelona) and his works appear in international publications including Ed. Lark Books, “Arte y Joya” Magazine, “Contraste” and “Gold and Time”.
He uses materials and philosophy related to the Chinese and oriental culture on his jewels and objects. He loves to work with paper, bamboo and silk cocoons.
Walter Chen combines creator's activity with the study of arts, design and oriental culture. He is the author of two books “Chinese Painting” (Ed. Parramón: Barcelona, 2005) and “The Fine Art of Chinese Painting” (Ed. Parramón: Barcelona, 2005).
He is a regular guest speaker at institutional conferences, discussing the process of his artistic creation and the relation between thought, art and forms of life, in the Orient."
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