Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Golden Aspen Fine Art Print
"My photography is about simple subjects and breathtaking tones...I'm a self-taught photographer obsessed with capturing all the beauty around me. My kids got me into this by being so darn cute. My desire to take better pictures of them drove me to start taking pictures of other things as well. I've been in love ever since."
bio written by Shannon via her etsy profile

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Coral Red Recycled Leather & Wool Cat
"Hi, my name's Ellen and Bonspiel is my labor of love--I make everything myself and I treasure the "holy crap, this is the best thing I ever made!" moment. I love simplicity, clarity, texture, charm, cuteness and strangeness. And complex color combinations."
bio written by Ellen via her etsy profile


exquiste coral bracelet
"My 'elinart' shop is, for me, a place to experiment and play. Most items are one-offs or limited editions. I like to follow my nose and enjoy exploring shapes and species.Some of my pieces are based on observation and I am attempting to copy nature....oh, so difficult! Others pieces are hybrids that come about through being inspired by something particular and the limitations of the materials I'm using (or my skills!) 'ELINtm' is a great pleasure but also a way to challenge myself to improve my crochet and making skills. Keep coming back and checking out my shop as I have ambitious plans to continue to create the unusual and elaborate!!"
bio written by Elin via her etsy profile

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

holly stalder

Antique Lace Pouf Sleeve Shrug


"My name is Marjorie Liucci and I live in the mountain forest of North Carolina with my darling husband and our two rather fluffy and ever so mischievous kitties (one of whom my shop is named for...Marmee!) I work from my cozy little studio creating original artwork, prints, dolls and all sorts of curious whimsy...dreamt up during long forest wanderings and brought in baskets to share with You!"
bio written by Marjorie via her etsy profile

Saturday, August 21, 2010

nina still studio

Magenta orange and porcelain necklace
"I love making small things and playing with new materials.I studied jewellery and object design at Sydney College of the Arts, and metalsmithing at NMIT in Melbourne and have done a mentorship under Warrick Freeman in New Zealand. I am also an architect and sell kinetic mobiles in my other Etsy shop PukaPuka. I wish I had more time and energy to make more things!"
bio written by Nina via her etsy profile

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Mermaid Original Painting
"Hi, I'm Cris Melo.Self-taught. I just paint and let the viewers continue the story. Often, people tell me a narrative while looking at my work. The expressions on the faces, colors - it helps to create a fantasy in their minds. I like that a lot. Naive, Primitive, Contemporary Folk, Outsider, Cartoonish - have been used to define my style.I tend to paint small but I'd love to do more large canvases. I always say this but rarely follow up. They keep coming out small. I paint in acrylics and watercolors, for the most part; I also use crayons, color pencils, gel pens, etc.I also create one-of-a-kind dolls, ornaments and other items from fabric, all or partly-handmade. I love beads, glitter, shiny things and embroidery."
bio written by Cris via her etsy profile

the home centric

Blossoms Blown - Throw Pillow Covers - 16x16 Inches Silk Pillow Cover with Mother Of Pearl
"Hello, I am Urvi from India, the land of high skilled hand work and craftsmanship. I have been designing for the last 5 yrs. Prior to taking up full time designing for my own label of soft home furnishings, I was designing for some of the finest fashion garment houses from Europe namely Etam, Zara, Esprit, Bershka, Debehams, etc.I am a qualified Fashion and Textile designer from the leading fashion Institute of India - The Pearl Academy of Fashion and Technology, Delhi Designing is not only my profession but also my soul passion. I design my products keeping three principles in mind - Offer Finest Designs of Great Quality at the Right Price."
bio written by Urvi via the etsy profile

Monday, August 16, 2010

joanna thomas

"I have always loved beautiful things. When I look at a art doll I want it to evoke what I love, and that is all things that are good and beautiful.
I began making art dolls from Polymer in 1997. I made dollhouse size art dolls and sold most of them to the members in the local doll club I was in at that time. With life changes I had to give up my sculpting. I soon found my art moving in other directions where for many years I enjoyed painting portraits in oil. I had painted since I was a very young girl.
I picked up the Polymer clay again several years ago, I knew when I handled that clay that it was what I wanted to do and where my heart was.
When I create an art doll I have to love it, they have to ‘speak’ to me. Finding the ending is very difficult. It usually carries on into the next. I never work on more than one at a time as I want my full attention on that one figure until I am ready to let it go.
All of my art dolls are handsculpted from a special blend of polymer and all are one of a kind. I only use the finest fabrics, trims and laces and much of the fabric I hand dye myself. Many hours go into creating a figure from sculpting the figure to hand sewing much of the costumes. I hope you enjoy my art doll figures as much as I enjoy making them.
I want my work to evoke when all things within us, were good…. jt"
bio written by Joanna Thomas via her etsy profile

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Magenta Wrap Skirt - custom made to fit
"Fun facts about my bio that people don't know (or don't ask to learn):
~I've finished the Fine Arts School, Theater Dept., Stage and Costume Design Faculty.
~I've done my theoretical thesis on the History of Underwear (yeap, that makes me an expert in petticoats and hosiery!)
~I've also participated in the IX Biennale of Young Artists from Europe & Mediterranean.
~When I was young I wanted to become an actress. Then I changed my mind. But still, I performed in a university play once.
~I spent two years of my life teaching theater to elementary school children.
~I am at the last semester of the Photography School. I'm not sure that I'll get myself together and finish it. We'll see.
~I know how to develop and print b&w film. I also know how to make soap. And face lotions. When I was young I used to mix bath products pretending to be a chemist. I guess that explains everything.
~For someone that loves clothes and accessories as much as I do, I have the maximum disinterest for fashion magazines and current fashion "trends". I believe beauty magazines are only there to make you feel ugly (but do wear your sunscreen ;)
~I have many cats. A garden. A giant black dog. And a white smaller one. And a boyfriend. A bicycle. A sewing machine. And many boxes full of fabric and yarn. I love'em all. Not necessarily in the above order.
***Karmologyclinic is an one person show: I think, decide, design, sew, crochet, photograph, edit, market, package and ship everything by myself. The only thing I don't do is modelling. For the latter I thank my friends Maria and Filousia :)"
bio written by Karmologyclinic via her etsy profile

Friday, August 13, 2010

white earth studio

Vase, Ceramic, Porcelain, Matte Green, Lotus
"I have worked with porcelain ceramics for thirty years and have not come close to exploring all of the organic themes and inspiration I find in the beauty, mystery and wonder of the natural world.As an independent studio potter, I have exhibited my work and received awards internationally.
Artist Statement
White Earth, a series of porcelain vessels, is a homage to my childhood in the Dakotas, its visual images and memories. It is a deep respect, a bowing down to the earth where I have experienced it.Walking the freshly plowed fields as a child, I would find fossils, shells and arrowheads heads. I have renewed and extended my fascination with these shapes. I have discovered new connections between the prairie (once an inland sea) and the ocean. Like the prairie and the sea, my pieces display hues against large neutral backgrounds - a touch of pink or a glint of pearl - finding a prairie rose in a otherwise green meadow, or a single shell on a stretch of sand. White Earth comes from some part of me that works unconsciously, a part that reaches down into my memories. White Earth comes from that private part of me, and I hope it will touch that part in others.
Technical Information
I work exclusively in porcelain, the queen of all clay bodies. The majority of my work is hand built with some pieces wheel thrown and altered. I make multiple, but never identical, one of a kind pieces.I prefer soft, quiet glazes. Most glazes are a satin matte finish. I mix my own glazes using recipes handed down to me during my apprenticeship, many which originated in Japan, continuing the tradition of teacher passing knowledge to student.All work is fired to a very hard, vitrified 2185 degrees. It is water tight and much more durable than its delicate appearance. Other than the framed pieces, all work can be cleaned with warm soapy water."
bio written by White Earth Studio via the etsy profile

Thursday, August 12, 2010

loella medina

Apatite Amethyst Blue Topaz Chalcedony and goldfill earrings - Isabella Limited Edition Earrings
Background story
All the jewelry in Loella Medina's collection has been designed and handmade by Loella herself, a self taught jewelry designer based in New York City.
At the very early age of ten, Loella Medina was introduced to the world of jewelry making by her father, a Civil Engineer, who ventured into the world of jewelry making after finding a box of pliers and beads at a construction site. For a few years in the late 1980s Mr. Medina's vintage crystal and vintage button earrings were all the rage amongst women in the Dominican Republic. Two years later, when her father gave up jewelry making, Loella found herself making full sets of jewelry for her mother, her sister and herself using the books and tools her father had used in the past to make earrings. Loella's mother still keeps all of the jewelry pieces made for her by her daughter.
About the jewelry line:
Loella Medina's jewelry line has been inspired by Loella's cultural background. A native of the Dominican Republic (a Caribbean island west off Puerto Rico), Loella expresses in her jewelry designs the tropical culture and the romanticism that is part of the history of many Caribbean and Latin American countries. Loella Medina is also inspired by her life experiences living in the multi-cultural city of New York and her travels, giving her designs an urban and exotic edge.
Every piece of jewelry in the collection has been created to bring an aura of sensuality and romance to each woman wearing it and each piece is one of a kind even when it is made in limited editions.
bio written by Loella via her etsy profile

Pink Haven

Pink Haven
Originally uploaded by Erika Jo
I found this photo on flickr. What a beautiful flower!! Such inspiration!

Friday, August 6, 2010

tideline designs

Natural Driftwood Tideline Finds Sterling Silver Necklace
"I live on the beautiful North Yorkshire Coast of England UK. Love beachcombing and am thoroughly captivated by the natural beauty of Pure Sea Glass, little pieces of history in the sand, antique glass, discarded by man, swept into the sea, and perfected by nature, into lovely natural sea glass gems, a beautiful array of colors and shapes.
Some colors and pieces are rare and hard to find, such as blue, red, orange, lilac, pink and multicolors ..... but you may find them here !
Drilled and non drilled quality sea glass, beach pottery and driftwood supplies for your creative designs.
Unique handcrafted natural sea glass jewelry and more....
With many years of experience you will find all my handmade products and supplies, are of an exceptional quality, and be assured that i offer all my customers a friendly professional service."
bio written by Helen via her etsy profile

Monday, August 2, 2010

febystan designs

Lemon Tree Crocheted Earrings
"Febystan: Land of Handmade...
A family project including
Ayşen (mother & knitter),
Ebru (daugter & crocheter) and
Feyza (daughter & graphic designer).
Etsy adventure has begun in my mind when I first saw item photographs from Etsy sent by my sister. Febystan was in my dreams and then became visible and touchable here."
bio written by Ebru via the etsy profile

Sunday, August 1, 2010


"Hi my name is Tali! I graduated from Bezalel Academy of Art & Design this year!
I am a freelance illustrator living in Tel-Aviv with my boyfriend. I illustrate for magazines and children's books. I love working in many techniques, to take pictures and to dance.
I have a 2nd shop called TOSYA. You can find a different style there. Not realistic, but happy and homour-filled illustrations."
bio writtne by Tali via her etsy profile