Sunday, August 15, 2010


Magenta Wrap Skirt - custom made to fit
"Fun facts about my bio that people don't know (or don't ask to learn):
~I've finished the Fine Arts School, Theater Dept., Stage and Costume Design Faculty.
~I've done my theoretical thesis on the History of Underwear (yeap, that makes me an expert in petticoats and hosiery!)
~I've also participated in the IX Biennale of Young Artists from Europe & Mediterranean.
~When I was young I wanted to become an actress. Then I changed my mind. But still, I performed in a university play once.
~I spent two years of my life teaching theater to elementary school children.
~I am at the last semester of the Photography School. I'm not sure that I'll get myself together and finish it. We'll see.
~I know how to develop and print b&w film. I also know how to make soap. And face lotions. When I was young I used to mix bath products pretending to be a chemist. I guess that explains everything.
~For someone that loves clothes and accessories as much as I do, I have the maximum disinterest for fashion magazines and current fashion "trends". I believe beauty magazines are only there to make you feel ugly (but do wear your sunscreen ;)
~I have many cats. A garden. A giant black dog. And a white smaller one. And a boyfriend. A bicycle. A sewing machine. And many boxes full of fabric and yarn. I love'em all. Not necessarily in the above order.
***Karmologyclinic is an one person show: I think, decide, design, sew, crochet, photograph, edit, market, package and ship everything by myself. The only thing I don't do is modelling. For the latter I thank my friends Maria and Filousia :)"
bio written by Karmologyclinic via her etsy profile

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Thank you Jenny! Your post was a nice surprise :) Keep up the good work.