Thursday, August 12, 2010

loella medina

Apatite Amethyst Blue Topaz Chalcedony and goldfill earrings - Isabella Limited Edition Earrings
Background story
All the jewelry in Loella Medina's collection has been designed and handmade by Loella herself, a self taught jewelry designer based in New York City.
At the very early age of ten, Loella Medina was introduced to the world of jewelry making by her father, a Civil Engineer, who ventured into the world of jewelry making after finding a box of pliers and beads at a construction site. For a few years in the late 1980s Mr. Medina's vintage crystal and vintage button earrings were all the rage amongst women in the Dominican Republic. Two years later, when her father gave up jewelry making, Loella found herself making full sets of jewelry for her mother, her sister and herself using the books and tools her father had used in the past to make earrings. Loella's mother still keeps all of the jewelry pieces made for her by her daughter.
About the jewelry line:
Loella Medina's jewelry line has been inspired by Loella's cultural background. A native of the Dominican Republic (a Caribbean island west off Puerto Rico), Loella expresses in her jewelry designs the tropical culture and the romanticism that is part of the history of many Caribbean and Latin American countries. Loella Medina is also inspired by her life experiences living in the multi-cultural city of New York and her travels, giving her designs an urban and exotic edge.
Every piece of jewelry in the collection has been created to bring an aura of sensuality and romance to each woman wearing it and each piece is one of a kind even when it is made in limited editions.
bio written by Loella via her etsy profile

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