Friday, December 24, 2010

water rose

Retro Christmas Hand Embroidery Ornament
"My creativity was influenced and inspired by my mother and grandmother. My mother was an embroidery artisan and with patience and love she taught me many of the stitches that you see in my creations. My paternal grandmother was an extraordinary quilter and she spent time with me cutting pieces, sewing and then making a quilt. I was embraced in traditional arts growing up. I collect textiles, vintage and new, to make many of my creations. With the loving knowledge given to me by these special women I create items that will bring joy to your life. These creations are heirloom pieces that will be enjoyed by future generations."
bio written by Water-rose via the etsy profile


Waterrose said...

How wonderful to find myself on your lovely blog. Thanks for featuring my hand embroidered ornament! Happy Holidays!

Nancy van den Boom said...

Wonderful artist and person! You make beautiful works Rose! Thanks for featuring Rose, Jenny!