Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bucktoothed Bunny

LOVE Languages - Tote Bag - Red on Natural - Cotton Canvas
"My name is Toni and I am the person behind the Bucktoothed Bunny. I live with my husband and two teen-aged boys in Massachusetts. I've had many different professions over the years, including being a photographer, a computer graphic artist, and retail store owner.
After my family's store went out of business, I turned to the internet to sell off left-over inventory. What I discovered was that I loved selling online. I decided to start making t-shirts, which I had made for promotional purposes at my store, and that is where Etsy came in. I love the flexibility of Etsy! I can try new ideas and designs, put them out there, and see what works! I love the Etsy community! It's been so wonderful getting to know so many people from all over the world!
Adding to my love of Etsy is the fact that my family has been getting involved! Both of my sisters, Tammy(TameraHerrod) and Traci(Chaseylacey), love Etsy and making treasuries! My husband, Doug, shows up with comments on treasuries here and there as Meshugehblu. My son, Zachary, helps me with packaging for my online sales. My son, Josh, is getting involved as well! He, with his recent purchase of steampunk goggles, has discovered the beauty of Etsy!!"
bio written by Toni via her etsy profile

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