Saturday, December 4, 2010

baby jives

A little bird told me - sculpture on yarn wrapped branch in blues
"I believe that the things we surround our children with should be as wonderful and imaginative as they are. With that in mind, I am trying to make some magic.
Baby Jives creates modern heirlooms that you will want to keep long after the nursery is gone. Every object is made by hand in my smoke-free studio using contemporary designer fabrics, reclaimed natural materials, and a trusty old Bernina Record.
Baby Jives is the handiwork of Jahje Bath Ives, an artist and mother living and working in Philadelphia, PA. Before it was a company, Baby Jives was the nickname for our little one, then he was born and he got a real name. When I’m not sewing, I can be found chasing after my toddler, cooking delicious vegetarian dinners, and daydreaming about my next mobile."
bio written by babyjives via the etsy profile

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Jahje Ives said...

Thanks for sharing my creations with your readers Jenny!