Monday, December 20, 2010

cool tricks

Little Wool House - Hand Embroidered - Gnome Home - Room Decor - Felt Art - Pincushion
"My name is Toni and I live in the small town of Plains in Northwestern Montana. My husband and I have been married for 29 years and we have five children, all grown. I am also the granny of five lovely grandchildren in ages 7 years through 8 months. They are the testers for all my toy designs.
I started out making quilts and branched out into toys. I was one of those kids who really believed my toys were alive, maybe this has something to do with why I enjoy making them so much. I have also found Kitchen items satisfying to my soul, the kitchen is the heart of the home and I get to quilt when I make Pot Holders since they have batting in them.
All items are originals designed by me, Toni, and are lovingly made in my home, one at a time, no assembly line involved."
bio written by Toni via her etsy profile

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