Monday, December 13, 2010

nancy van den boom

Art Necklace original oil painting poppies on copper pendant with chain
"My name is Nancy van den Boom (Nancy "of the Tree") and I live in the Netherlands, close to the exciting city of Amsterdam.
I discovered oil painting in 2004, and ever since then it has been my passion. The colours of the oilpaint and the magic of creating texture and form with brushes make painting such a joy for me. My studio is my home.
I love to paint trees, birds, flowers and landscapes and sometimes people too.
Summer 2010 I decided to make wearable art with my paintings.
I like the idea to make paintings for another purpose than "just" hanging them on a wall or to put them on a desk. I the attention my wearable art gets. I love making them and they seem to be liked a lot.
I have sold paintings and wearable art to customers in the US, England, France, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, Turkey and the Netherlands.
I had no painting-education, I am self taught.
Must be my name (van den Boom, "of the Tree") that I am so very much inspired by trees. I love all their ways of appearance and it's such a challenge to capture their endless beauty in all their forms."
bio written by Nancy via her etsy profile


Nancy van den Boom said...

Thank you Jenny for the feature in your blog. I am very honoured by it and I do hope my paintings inspire your readers.

Nancy van den Boom said...

The necklace sold this morning! ;-)