Sunday, September 19, 2010

twisted river clay

16 oz. mug: Enchanted Heart Design
"Hello - My names is Ron Sbardella, Char and I live and work in my studio in Canterbury, CT. We have been a potters for about 30 years. We attended Rhode Island College and worked in several potteries on the east coast. Char and I started Twisted River Clayworks in 2003 with the intention of creating one of a kind, series thrown and handbuilt pottery.We are very eclectic and love to experiment. After coming from a production pottery background, we have embraced the freedom that handbuilding provides. The various wheel thrown and handbuilt forms, textures and colors in our work are the result of decades of testing, experimentation and attention to detail.We love to embrace functional pottery and give it a new twist through the use of darting, cutting, embellishment, textures and color. We have tested several hundred glazes and have a palette we find colorful, warm and soothing. The handbuilt shapes you see are the result of many hours of working with a shape until we have a shape we are satisfied with - then the fun begins. We take that shape and alter it, try various glaze combinations, and look for the best creative combinations possible. Are we ever satisfied -- well we keep trying."
bio written by Ron via their etsy profile

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