Wednesday, September 15, 2010


"Since the birth of my daughter Jubilee (9 days shy of the millenium), I have been in business for myself....
co-founder of a childcare center & preschool, owner of vintage clothing exchange boutique, and making jewelry & accessories on and off since before my daughter was hasn't been easy to invest in several new businesses over the years as a single mom.... so here i would like to take the opportunity to thank my very supportive family, they have always been there for me, encouraged my dreams & loaned me money when i couldn't get any...Most recently I have been influenced by my hometown, Butte Montana, 'the copper city', very key in ushering in the 'age of technology', our copper mine is currently in operation... but more than anything, i think the best art is what nature has done over time!!! i love degraded, decomposed, reconstructed, reclaimed, rusted, raw & gritty...Other inspirations include but are not limited to, modern and simple, natural and organic, dark and industrial, retro and funkadelic, vintage and classic, futuristic and spacey, harajuku and outrageous..... basically art that is worn...."
bio written by Sally via her etsy profile

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