Monday, April 11, 2011

mystic orb

Tree of Solitude and Peace hand carved in Mountain mahogany Pendant
"We are Jeff, Taryn, and baby Bracken.
Our small homestead is in a lush forest of moss and ferns, on the side of a mountain. We grow organic vegetables & fruit in the areas where we get sunlight. Our family includes Jeff (dad), Taryn (mama) and baby Bracken, along with our family of animals. We have 2 dogs- Sweetie & Satcha, 2 barn cats- Reiki & Grr, 3 goats- Bree, Lucy & Faun, and a flock of lovable Chickens.
We love country life and feel grateful for the many joys it brings.
To learn more about us (and see some cute animal pictures, farm pictures and updates on new creations from Jeff's magical workshop..) please check out our blogs: "
bio written by mysticorb via their etsy profile.

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