Thursday, April 21, 2011

junkyard glitter

Hand Painted Vintage Purse- The Ship and The Octopus
"I am an artist from my head to my toes. My house is loaded with artsy fartsy stuff. When I am not creating I am working as a professional Mural artist. That is my main passion. Right now I am really into upcycling old stuff.
I am sure you are wondering why so much bird stuff. From a very young age I wanted to be an Ornithologist. Birds to me symbolize how I like to feel in life. Free and capable of flying through anything. When I was 10 my dad got me 2 bird watching books and binoculars. So therefore I was official. So am I a nerd? Yes. But my husband loves me so who cares.
I have a great artist husband. His name is Jesse. He is the love of my life. When I am not with him I am with my 2 Dachsunds Tucker and Duke. They let me know everyday that things will be ok as long as they are fed, otherwise they will make my life a living hell until they are fed.
If you are like me you probably don't have much time. I have found that I have to make time for this little obsession of mine. I hope you like peering into my little world. Thanks!"
bio written by Chante via her etsy profile

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Stokedone said...

Jenny you are too kind!! I feel honored to be here! Thank you for including my purse in your great blog. You are so talented!