Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Woodland Belle

Tiny Succulent Garden Necklace
"About the Artist: I'm Mai McKemy (first name pronounced May, like the month), the artist behind the designs at Woodland Belle (formerly The Sparrow’s Nest.) I currently reside and work in western North Carolina. You can learn more about me by visiting www.woodlandbelle.com/about.
You can view my Featured Seller article here and my Quit Your Day Job feature here
About my Work:
►Branch Collection - Focusing on the beauty of the tree and other botanical forms, this collection includes my best-selling Tiny Twig Hair Pins in several varieties, as well as other innovative bobby pin designs in solid cast bronze.
►Wing Collection - The Wing Collection celebrates the wonder of all things winged, from birds to butterflies and moths. Most pieces in this collection are cast in beautiful, solid bronze, and feature rich details. Each piece is my original design.
►Tiny Terrarium Collection - I started this collection in 2008 under http://4thesparrowsnest.etsy.com) , and was one of the first artists on Etsy to introduce the concept of "tiny terrarium jewelry." Since then, many artists have been inspired by this concept and you can now find many spin-offs of this idea all over Etsy. My pieces are often imitated, but the first Tiny Terrarium Collection originated here.
In this unusual collection, I've explored and expanded the concept of the terrarium, including in it a celebration of both flora and fauna alike. These miniature nature dioramas are encased in small glass containers, preserving the wonder of magical moments. This is one of my most popular collections; each piece is very time-intensive and involves the greatest attention to detail. Due to the time-intensive nature of this collection, the availability of these items fluctuates.
►Succulent Collection - I've expanded on botanical concepts to include the ever-popular succulents, exploring these evocative forms in both plastic as well as bronze and sterling silver. Each solid bronze or silver piece is an original design and includes components cast from real succulent plants. I create each plastic succulent one-by-one, with great attention to the tiniest details."
bio written by Mai via her etsy profile

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