Wednesday, April 13, 2011

bayou salvage

Sweet and Lowdown French Quarter Boho Messenger Cross Body Bag in French Bleu ChambrayRuffle Lagniappe from down de bayou
"Southern style to me embraces the languid geography of where we live- enveloped by water below, beside and around us. Southern style is as mysterious and winsome as the bayous and eddys of the Mississippi River- calm, murky or churning.It nods to history and looks forward. It is hopeful.
I am a native of the deep south, with an aesthetic and experience that is true Southern Gothic. My childhood was spent playing on the decaying grounds of Rowan Oak (Faulkner's home)amidst rusty farm equipment and filbert trees that curled back against the sun.
To get my childhood you mix : 3 parts rust, 2 parts torn lace, a jigger of bourbon,& a splash of absinthe. Serve with a family secret (or two) & you have bayousalvage style.
Want to know more about Bayou Salvage?
*I always wanted to be an artist and my favorite thing to do was dress up as a gypsy
*I loved being a girl scout and quickly earned all the creative badges.
* I started driving at 14 and developed an early fondness for vintage cars. I can shift from the steering wheel of a 1966 International truck, parallel park a 1966 Pontiac Catalina and drag race a 1962 M.G. I've also been able to charm my way out of speeding tickets by detailing the notorious past of a certain 1985 Jeep Grand Wagoneer once the chick magnet of a certain New Orleans Jazz Trumpeter (his wife made him get rid of it)."
bio written by bayousalvage via the etsy profile

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