Sunday, March 3, 2013


Cold Process Green Tea and Cucumber Soap
"I have been making all types of soap and candles for about 10 years and I started making jewelry and altered art in 2009. Additionally, I dabble in other crafts such as ceramics, painting, and formulating other bath and body items. My shop name is from the game World of Warcraft. I love fantasy literature and games. Mylana was the name of my first WOW character, a troll priestess. My shop is a one woman show. I design, create, pack, and ship everything by myself, except for one set of greeting cards that I designed digitally and have printed locally at BPP Printers in Murfreesboro, TN. If you have any questions about the process or materials used in my creations, please ask :) Most of my soaps are vegan, with my most popular recipe containing olive oil and coconut oil, for a simple, but luxurious soap. I also make soap from glycerin (melt and pour) bases. If there is something you want, but don't see in my shop, please contact me to see if I can make it. Ecclectic, bright, and unusual are the key words I would use to describe my shop. I love using interesting colors and texture. I try to use recycled materials for packaging and shipping. Most of my soaps are wrapped in cotton fabric, which is leftover from my neighbor's Etsy shop, NancyK4u, she makes pillow inserts and children's clothes and passes the extra fabric on to me. I use the fabric for wrapping or cut it into rustic ribbons. When I don't have recycled materials available for packaging, I enjoy designing my own decorative papers and cigar bands for wrapping my items. My other hobbies are cooking, walking, gardening, and World of Warcraft."
bio written by Clare via her etsy profile

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