Sunday, March 3, 2013

Binster Handmade jewelry

Rose Cut Garnet Ring - Sterling Silver Pattern Band - Custom created in your size
"Hi, And thank you for visiting Binster Handmade jewelry. A few years back I was introduced to the wonderful and colorful world of beads. Dealing with a variety of beautiful beads filled me with passion to create bold colorful pieces of jewelry. This was my first step into the multidisciplinary world of jewelry. Since then I earned my degree as a jeweler, certified for designing and making pieces of jewelry, mainly using silver and various other precious metals. As I have an in-depth knowledge of traditional jewelry and bead weaving I sometimes enjoy combing the two. My jewelry pieces vary from very basic classic pieces to fully designed lush bridal center pieces, And they will complement and enhance the beauty of any women living in our hectic world, as the pieces are easily worn and add a touch of finesse and color to any outfit. My Creations make me smile everyday all day long, I truly hope one of my Pieces will make you smile too :-)"
bio written by Ayelet via the etsy profile

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